After many years of managing the export of items from the auction, the Committee have made the decision that, in future, the purchaser will be required to handle this part of their purchase process for themselves. (Please refer there for the Club's Policy: International Buyers Policy)

The Branch now undertakes to:

  • Wrap the items and clearly address to the buyer
  • Advise the buyer of the successful purchases and the amount owed to the Branch.
  • This will be undertaken within 1 week of the auction.
  • Provide advice as to the process they need to follow to apply for clearance along with copies of the forms they need to complete and the contact details for both agencies
  • Provide the contact details for Fast Track Customs (as the default Freight Forwarder)
  • so they can negotiate with them for the processing of the items
  • They may wish to nominate a Freight Forwarder of their own selection
  • Once payment is received the parcel will be delivered to the nominated Freight Forwarder.
  • This will end the Branches involvement with the process

The buyer needs to make two courses of action their main priority:

  • Payment for the items purchased either by Bank Cheque, Direct Credit to the Branch account or by Credit Card. This needs to be completed within 3 weeks of the auction.
  • Apply in their own Country for a permit to import the items where an item such as a firearm is one of the items purchased. Approval to export a ‘firearm or firearms’ related item will be withheld by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade until the buyer can provide approval by their own country for them to import it!

Export Contact details and website links are provided here.

Forms for completion:

  • You will need to make TWO applications in order to export your items from New Zealand.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (MFAT)
    A United Nations Protocol exists (we understand) that requires there to be a clearance by MFAT of any items that relate to firearms. Ammunition will not be accepted but rifles, pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns and Military Style Semi-Automatics and even some parts will need to be cleared by MFAT and a certificate issued to you in order for Customs to clear the items for dispatch. Please be aware that the Permit you receive from the authorities in your own Country MUST accompany the application form to MFAT. The form is included with this folder and has the title MFAT Application Form. Further copies are available from the MFAT website
  • Ministry for Culture and Heritage (Culture and Heritage)
    This Ministry acts as a watchdog to guard against the export of items considered to be heritage items. They submit your application to one of their experts and you need to be ready for a wait for the return of the letter that will give you clearance to proceed with the export. Their application form is included with this folder and has the title Application to Export-pnzo.

Once you have the certificate from MFAT and the letter from Culture and heritage you can email copies to Fast Track Customs (or your chosen Freight Forwarder) that will be able to match them up with your parcel and proceed to export.