The Wellington Branch of the Antique Arms Association normally meets on the first Sunday of each month in Petone.

The meetings run from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, and members are encouraged to bring along items from their collections to display.

The Theme Letters are offered as

2017 meetings:

Date Theme Letters Possible Examples
1 January No Meeting  
5 February E and F Enfield, Engish, French, Finnish etc
5 March  Annual General Meeting Also a Buy Sell Swap
2 April G and H German, Grenade, Hungarian, Hammer,
7 May I and J Indian, Inglis, Junior, Jungle
4 June K and L K98, Kriegsmarine, Light, Lieutenant  
2 July M and N Military, Naval, Miniture, Machine Gun, Mines
14 - 16 July Annual Branch Auction  
6 August O and P Operational, Pistol, Pilot, Paratrooper, Overseas
3 September Q, R and S Radio, Rifle, Survival, Ruger, Russian, Swedish,
23 September NZAHAA 1/2 Yearly Meeting and Auction  
1 October T and U  Turkish, Togarev, Uniform, Underground
5 November No Meeting on this Sunday  
12 November Christmas Luncheon - The Pines Members Displays
3 December Favourite Items  Bring along whatever



The Pines, Houghton Bay