2016 auction

July 15th: Viewing available from 4.00pm until 8.00pm

July 16th: Viewing available from 7.00am until the start of the auction at 9.00am, concluding at approx 6.00pm or at a point determined by the auctioneer.

July 17th: Viewing available from 7.00am until the start of the auction at 9.00am concluding at the end of the catalogue.

With only a few weeks to go to the auction we are pleased to have the catalogue available on this website and have added the list of Tender Table items as well.

2016 catalogue - errors to be noted

The following are 3 items that need to be marked in your catalogue or noted:

  1. Colour page 10. Saddle ring carbine, bottom of the page: Lot number should be 684 not 688
  2. Lot 242: Percussion Pistol. Does not require and Endorsed License
  3. Lot 1245: Duplication. Remove description item withdrawn

Online catalogue

We are trialling the page turner for this year to see how it is received. It has meant that the catalogue is represented as it is in the hard copy booklet.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the functions of the turner there are a number of things you can do.

  1. The page can be made full screen by clicking on the screen symbol on the lower left of the page. You can return to the reduced version by clicking on that symbol again.
  2. You can zoom in on the page using the magnifying glass with the ‘+’ sign and returned to smaller mode by clicking on the symbol again
  3. The pages can be paused by clicking on the II symbol in the centre of the arrows below the catalogue. Start again by clicking on the centre arrow. You can also fast forward using these arrows or go back.
  4. You can download the catalogue using the ↓ symbol on the lower right. Watch for the download box in the centre of the page which will tell you when this has finished. By clicking on the ↓ symbol in the centre page box it will open up your computer menu and you can choose where to download the catalogue to. You can then print the entire book from there.
  5. The printer symbol will bring up another box in the centre of the screen and you can choose to printer either one or two pages.

Tender table list

For the first time we have included the Tender Table items for sale on the floor from Friday until 3.00pm on the Saturday. There are no postal bids available on these items. All offers must be written on the cards attached to the lots.

Late entry list

As advised in the back of the catalogue a Late Entry List of a number of Restricted items will be available at the door on entry.

Printed catalogue order form

A printed copy of the 2016 catalogue can be ordered using the form below.