The Wellington Branch of the Antique Arms Association normally meets on the first Sunday of each month in Petone.

The meetings run from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, and members are encouraged to bring along items from their collections to display.

The Theme Letters are offered as

2021 meetings:

Date Theme Letters Possible Examples
3 January No Meeting  
7 February A and B Army,American, British, Bolo, Blade, etc
7 March Annual General Meeting Also a Buy Sell Swap Day
4 April C and D Canadian, Cooey, Dagger, Derringer,etc
2 May E and F Enfield, English, Finnish, etc
6 June G and H Grenade, German, Greener, Hammerli, etc  
4 July I and J Indian, Inglis, Israeli,Ignitor, Infantry etc Javelin, Junior NCO, Jungle, etc
July Poss 9-11 to be confirmed Annual Branch Auction Blackhawk Exhibition Centre
1 August K and L K98, Kriegsmarine, Lamp, Lieutenant, etc
5 September M and N Military, Marlin, Marine, Nambu, etc
3 October O and P Orgaties, Original, Paratrooper, Pistol, etc  
14 November to be confirmed Annual Luncheon Members Displays
5 December T, U, or Favourite Items Target, Training, Uniform, Uzi, etc



The Pines, Houghton Bay